Pro Golf Tips

Golf Ball in Snow and Grass

Improve Your Golf Game For the Upcoming Golf Season!

The start of the PGA Tour season in January is a kind of signal that gets us thinking about golf again. A brand new year of golf is so exciting! Here are some ways to start improving your game now.

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Golfing at Genghis Khan Golf Club

Get Ready Now – Your Spring Checklist for Golf

You can take some steps now to help you play better, and enjoy the game more, when the last snow has melted, the birds are singing in the tress and the courses are finally open.

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Getting Fit For Golf

Improve Your Golf Score By Improving Your Fitness

Amateurs and recreational golfers can take a cue from their professional counterparts. Better shape = better golf. How to get started.

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Golf Score Pad, Ball, and Tees

A Simple 3-Part Strategy to Improve Your Golf Game

Try these three strategies together. You’ll be surprised how many strokes you can shave off your average score.

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Golfer Tiger Woods

Tips That Will Improve Your Golf Game

Golf can be a difficult game, but here are some things we can do some things to ensure we don’t make it even harder.

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Pro Golfer at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Watch the Pros to Improve Your Golf Swing

Next time you have the opportunity to attend a pro golf tournament, PGA or LPGA, spend some time at the practice area watching the pros get ready for their round. Here are some things you will see.

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Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Putting

As any golfer knows, a missed three-foot putt can spoil a hole in which you hit a perfect drive and great approach shot. Putting can be the most frustrating aspect of golf. 

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Golf Swing Problems

Common Problems When Playing Golf

Here are five of the most common problems that players have when playing golf

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Cure My Slice

What Simple Drill Can I Do to Cure My Slice?

Many times people swing the driver way too hard and their hips turn quicker than their hands, which leads to the hands never catching up, resulting in a push/slice etc.

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Slices and Draws

Why Does a Draw Go Farther Than a Slice?

“Draw” and “slice” are not mirror golf shots. A draw usually has a lower trajectory so you get more roll once the ball hits the ground.

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