Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Putting

As any golfer knows, a missed three-foot putt can spoil a hole in which you hit a perfect drive and great approach shot. Putting can be the most frustrating aspect of golf.


Many times golfers waste strokes on the greens because they don’t give their putting technique the same care and attention they give to their swing with the other clubs. Putting is as much “feel” – an intangible, subjective measure – as it is technique.

Golfers who are good putters use many different grips and strokes. What they have in common is consistency. They are able to putt with both the correct speed and accuracy.

Try These Tips

To improve your putting, go to a golf equipment store that has a large inventory of putters and an area of the store devoted to practice putting. Try out a number of different putters until you find one that makes you feel especially confident when you make a stroke.

Consider experimenting with your putting grip. You might get more consistent results with a cross-handed grip for example–one in which the left hand is below the right one on the club shaft. You might try extending your left index finger down the shaft to keep your grip as firm as possible.

Take a strategic approach when you are on the green. When faced with a long putt, look at where you want to putt your second putt from, assuming you miss. For example, you don’t want to be faced with a slick downhill second putt.

On long putts, pick a spot a foot or so in front of the ball that is directly on the line you want the ball to follow. Focus on rolling the ball over that spot.

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