Common Problems When Playing Golf

Performance in a sport at the highest level is always impeded by issues that athletes might face, either due to injuries or just incorrect technique. Even though an injury might only prevent you from making progress for a short while, incorrect techniques will definitely not help you at all.

Golf Swing Problems

Incorrect technique definitely doesn’t help with golf either, and is usually considered to be the main reason why people face some of the most common issues when playing golf, which stops them from improving their game.

So, here are some of the most common problems that players have when playing golf:

Too Much BackSwing

If there’s anything that is true about getting as much distance as possible with your golf swing, it’s that it does not depend on the amount of backswing you put into the shot. In fact, too much backswing can keep you from performing a fluid swing, as you will go out of the ideal swing plane.

Missing the Putting Line

Most people usually try to visualize the trajectory between the hole and the position of the ball. In fact, it should be the other way around since that is the actual direction in which the ball will travel towards the hole. By thinking in the opposite direction, you’ll be able to visualize the line between the ball and hole – the ideal route that the ball has to travel.

Improper Grip

Far too often, people have either a weak, or an overly powerful, grip instead of one that is considered neutral. A rule of thumb is to look for the Vs formed by the thumbs and forefingers of both hands between your right ear and shoulder. Also remember that a tight grip won’t help you in hitting a golf ball well, as a degree of looseness is important, too.

Hitting the ‘Ego’ Shot

Many golfers think that they need more club to hit the ball and this is one of the most common errors in golf. The rule of thumb is if you need a 7-iron, it’s better to take a 6-iron instead. Experts say that you should pick a club that will help you reach your intended target with 70% effort required.

Positioning the Ball Incorrectly

Positioning the golf ball too far forward or back, and getting the position right are probably what will determine how you start your swing. Experts think that positioning a ball even with your heart, shirt logo, or your sternum is the best way to go.

Another rule of thumb, as you move from shorter to longer clubs, is to widen your stance by moving your right foot away from the target, which will also help you to start bringing your club back at a better angle.

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