What Simple Drill Can I Do to Cure My Slice?

Try hitting your driver with your feet together. Swing as smooth as you can while staying in balance. Doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball.

Cure My Slice

With your feet still together, gradually swing harder, again within balance. The ball will almost always go straight, draw, or even hook.

Once you get that down, start to widen your stance, eventually getting back to your normal set-up. Also 90% of golfers swing the club too fast and thus throw themselves off balance.

Many people have a different swing speed between their driver and irons.

Many times people swing the driver way too hard and their hips turn quicker than their hands, which leads to the hands never catching up, resulting in a push/slice etc.

Slow down your swing to about 80%. The main problem with this is most people don’t want to slow down because they want to kill it!! Remember, a 300+ yard drive is no good when its 2 holes over!

One of the analogies I like to use is “How to hammer nails into a wall”. Do you swing as hard as you can? No! Because you would not hit the nail squarely – so you swing with control. Golfers need to do the same with their driver and all their clubs.

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