Improve Your Golf Game For the Upcoming Golf Season!


We all look forward to golf season starting. Besides the obvious reason that we can’t wait to get out there and play, for those of us in Northern climes it means that Spring is on its way and we can forget about snow, slush and sleet for at least the next 8 months or so.

Golf Ball in Snow and Grass

Even if we live in warmer areas, many of us don’t play as much golf in the late fall or early winter months, as we are occupied with football season, the holidays, and other activities. Maybe even work. Now is the time to improve your golf game for the upcoming golf season.

The start of the PGA Tour season in January is a kind of signal that gets us thinking about golf again. A brand new year of golf is so exciting –we haven’t made any double bogies yet, haven’t splashed three balls into that lake on Number 18, and haven’t been out driven by any 12-year old kids. The world seems full of possibility.

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating with your wish to get out and play, you can ease your way back into your favorite game by preparing for the golf season. Here are some ideas:

Start Getting in Better Shape

You still have a few months to build your strength and conditioning. A regimen of walking, stretching and light weight lifting might be all you need. Remember: leg strength is important for both distance and control of the golf ball. Increasing flexibility can help you lengthen your backswing and increase your distance as well. You don’t have to be a prime athletic specimen to play good golf, but people who are seriously out of shape, or overweight, make it more difficult for themselves because they lack the stamina they need to play well for a full 18 holes, or to practice as much as they should.

Sign Up for Some Lessons

It’s amazing that only a small percentage of golfers get any form of regular instruction on the links. Even municipal courses have on-site instructors available to help you improve your fundamentals and lower your scores. Just having an independent pair of eyes take a look at your swing can be helpful. Sometimes problems stem from simple things like poor alignment.

Golf Instructor

Set New Goals for the New Season

Take a few minutes to decide how much you would like to improve your golf score. Be realistic. If you’ve never broken 100 it probably will be too much of a stretch to become a scratch golfer — shooting scores around par — in just one season. You could however set a goal of consistently playing in the low 90’s. Practice really does make perfect. If you can’t get out to the course to play an entire round, at least go to the driving range a couple of times a week.

The new golf season is the perfect time to think about how you can improve your golf game.

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