Why Every Golfer Needs a Trunk Organizer

Some people, no matter how hard they try, always seem to be disorganized. Golfers are no exception. Have you ever driven onto the lot of a public golf course and watched as golfers got out of their car and got ready to head into the clubhouse? It’s sometimes a funny scene.

Golf Clubs in Car

Golf clubs are so big that they’re forced to ride in the trunk of the car on the way to the course, so the golf shoes get stuffed in there as well along with the balls, glove, towel, and hat.

How Does Your Trunk Look?

Not everybody keeps their trunk spic and span, or at the very least, clutter-free. And few of us are lucky enough to have a chauffeur to load our golf equipment neatly into the trunk, like the guy in the picture. Heck, I would guess that even some chauffeurs are neatness-challenged. So the golf items get tossed around, dirtied up, and crushed before you get them out and get organized to meet your tee time.

Speaking of tee times, some golfers are so unorganized with their necessities that they’re holding everyone else up at the tee box because they’re still scrambling to see if their glove edged its way under the spare tire or if it’s hiding under the jumper cables they carry for emergencies.

Solution: A Golfer’s Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer made specifically for golfers can eliminate the missed tee times, the frustration, and the sloppiness of throwing everything loosely into your trunk and not being able to make it stay in one place.

You may need a simple, small trunk organizer, which is suitable for your tees, gloves, golf towel, and other small items. But many trunk organizers are bigger than average, allowing you to house things like your golf shoes, so they don’t get scuffed in the process of taking twists and turns during your drive to the course on a weekend jaunt.

(This one has adjustable dividers and room for everything, including room for 3 pairs of golf shoes!):

The best choice is to get a golfer’s trunk organizer where the walls are adjustable. That allows you to put items wherever you see fit instead of having to cram them into a space the manufacturer decided upon.

Straight to the Golf Cart

Some golfers carry their trunk organizer directly from the trunk of their car and put it into the golf cart, so that they can easily access extra golf balls, tees, and markers whenever necessary.

Most golf trunk organizers cost around $30-$50 and are made of nylon. You can get small ones or larger, two-tiered organizers with mesh material for ventilation of your golf shoes.

Now don’t you feel more in control with your equipment organized? I’m sure it will improve your game…

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