Wooden, Plastic, or Brush Tees?

Today’s golfer has a choice of several different kinds of tees, but it hasn’t always been that way. When golf was first invented our ancestors probably didn’t have the luxury of choosing between wooden tees and the bare ground.

Plastic Golf Tee

Then someone showed other golfers how much easier it would be to tee the ball up on a wooden stick and have a clean lie before you took a swing.  Even then, they had no idea that manufactured plastic and brush tees would be a part of the future.

Wooden Golf Tees

Wooden tees are still a staple in today’s game.  Golfers love to have them emblazoned with their own name and the fact that they’re easily splintered on impact doesn’t phase most people who are addicted to the links.  They have no desire to upgrade to the brush tees that are so wildly popular today.

Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic tees did the job of a wooden tee, only without the splintering effect. Plastic tees can also be monogrammed with the golfer’s name or initials, so they’re a popular choice, but not quite as inventive as the brush tees are.

Wood Golf Tee

Brush Golf Tees

Brush tees are relatively new in the history of golf.  It’s a type of tee that mimics the effect of a ball lying atop a nice grassy area in the fairway.  If you’re a golfer, then you know how good it feels when you approach your tee shot and see it perfectly lifted off of the ground by blades of grass that allow you to make a smooth stroke as you approach the green.

A brush tee lets you swing with the same confidence you have when your ball has the perfect lie. There’s no resistance (no matter how slight) as there is when you hit a wooden or plastic tee.

With brush tees, there’s no resistance (no matter how slight) as there is when you hit a wooden or plastic tee. Click To Tweet

Research has shown that golfers are adding yards to their shots by using brush tees instead of wooden or plastic versions.  The bristles at the top are synthetic creations that bend when they’re struck, so there’s nothing standing in the way between you and the perfect tee shot.

As every golfer understands, even a slight variation in the ground can impede accuracy and will sometimes result in a subconscious effort to control the outcome by making you swing differently. A brush tee does away with that problem.

Brush Golf Tee

You can buy brush tees to suit your club selection, such as tees for your driver, tees for your other woods, and some other sizes you might want to use on a par-3 if you’re teeing up for an iron shot.

I like this package of brush tees, because there is an assortment for various clubs:

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