Golf in St. Andrews Scotland

Golfing In Scotland: All Inclusive

Golf in Scotland is a sport that is sacred to its people. The people of Scotland cherish golf, and nearly all Scottish people understand the game.

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The Mental Game of Golf

Getting Your Mental Golf Game On

Golf is not just a sport where you need to master the physical aspects of the game. In fact, it is probably more important that you master the other side of the game of golf – the mental game.

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Happy Golfer

Tips for a Great Game

Golf is not just about having the best golf clubs in town. There are also other factors that you should consider.

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Golf Equipment

Choosing Golf Equipment

Buying golf equipment can be like dumping money into a money pit, but armed with some knowledge you can save time and money in selecting the right clubs for yourself.

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Golf clubs

Using the RIght Club at the Right Time

Learn which is the best club to use in which situation, and you will find that golf becomes a much more enjoyable sport to you.

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Exercising for Golf

Is Golf Primarily A Mental Game?

Many golfers don’t realize that golf is not only a mental game, but also a physical game, and the body must also be prepared in order to make significant progress.

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Best Ball Strategies

The Best Ball Golf Format

Two-person Best Ball is a golf variation that can help even the playing field between the experienced and inexperienced and increase the level of fun for both.

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Alice Cooper playing golf

Fore! Celebrities and Golf

In the world of celebrities there has been a surge of popularity in playing golf, with many stars favoring the secluded and therapeutic elements of the game in order to gain respite from their hectic schedules.

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