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Alice Cooper playing golf

The game of golf has always been a popular pastime for those wanting to exercise and compete in a relaxing setting. In the world of celebrities there has also been a surge of popularity, with many stars favoring the secluded and therapeutic elements of the game in order to gain respite from their hectic schedules.

Vincent Damon Furnier

There are a myriad of unlikely devotees to this sport, and some of the world’s most notorious musicians and actors are said to play golf on a daily basis, with this devotion becoming ignited when they compete against their golf buddies. One unlikely golf lover is Vincent Damon Furnier; the rest of the world knows him better as Alice Cooper. Alice has claimed he turned to golf as an alternative to religion! Despite having a hectic touring and recording schedule, Alice still manages to play 36 holes on most days and is said to have a handicap of 7. An admirable feat for someone who has churned out new releases and toured heavily for the past 40+ years!

Kenny G

Jazz Saxophone legend Kenny G has also developed his game to a decent level, with his average score being better than par. However, the eternal perfectionist within him, as within many others, has prompted Kenny to declare that he is not happy with his current game, and still strives for improvement.

Dennis Quaid

Some of the best celebrity golfers have acquired a level of skill that can only be attained by strict self-discipline, requiring hours upon hours on the golf course mastering the sport. Some of the techniques required to play at your best can take years of muscle memory training, and to get good at this game, you have to stick at it. Actor Dennis Quaid is regarded as one of the best celebrity golfers, and with dedication and focus he has managed to reach a level that is desired by many semi-professional golfers.

Hugh Grant

The competitive element of golf is one of the attractions that can lure many to the game, and this is also apparent in the celebrity world. A recent interview with actor Hugh Grant, revealed that he plays golf with a highly competitive nature, and he also hinted that the rivalry with some of his unnamed buddies can become particularly heated, and can end up costing him a quite a bit of cash!

It is healthy to have an appetite for victory, and one of the positive elements to golf is the fact that you do not need to massively exert yourself when partaking in recreational play. Although it must be said that golf is still a sport, and a little exercise is required in order to perform on a regular basis, but the learning curve is gradual and improvement can be attained at your own pace.

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