Is Golf Primarily A Mental Game?

Exercising for Golf

It’s all in the mind. It’s mind over matter, more so than in any other sport. The inner game is the last frontier in golf. The mental aspects of the game of golf are the key to consistency and better performance.

Any golfer who has made an effort to improve their golf game will have already heard the often-repeated expression that golf is all in the mind and that the game starts there.

It’s A Physical Game, Too

That is partially true, but what many golfers don’t realize is that they may fail to improve their golf game because it’s not only the mind – but also the body – that must be prepared in order to make significant progress.

Just mention the word exercise to many amateur golfers and rather than getting excited about using it to improve their golf game, they will start seeing images of themselves huffing and puffing and sweating from doing long, hard workouts. The sort of demanding workouts that you would expect NFL or NBA super athletes to do, or the workouts that competition bodybuilders do regularly in some gym.

If your mind is closed to the idea of doing exercise to improve your game, you will surely be missing out on a great way to improve your performance. Why not examine the subject deeper to find out what sort of exercises professional golfers do to improve their golf game and to maintain the quality of their performance?

Improvements Can Be Made

There are senior golfers, some of them in their 80s, who have undertaken golf-specific exercises with great success. The result has been that their golf games have improved tremendously, along with their general well-being. Surely an 80-year-old’s physical condition won’t allow them to withstand the sort of rigorous exercise many amateur golfers fear and want to avoid. So maybe these golf exercises are not as bad as many amateur golfers think.

The energy for your golf swing comes from the muscles in your  torso—not your arms,” says Suzann Pettersen, an LPGA-major champion. “Your middle needs to be strong and flexible in order to maintain your rotational power.” Strengthening your  core will help you hit shots with heft.

Unless a golfer is prepared to approach the subject of exercise with an open mind, it may be difficult for them to improve their golf game. A healthy body can only help the mind to think, focus, and react quickly. While the mind is a very powerful tool, having a mind AND body that are both well prepared will produce the best results. To really improve your golf game you need to start with an open mind.

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