Take the Time to Learn the Rules of Golf

Golf is anything but a simple game. Not only do you have etiquette, unlike most other games, but you also have formal rules that have to be adhered when playing.

Golf Rules

Yet most weekend golfers tend to ignore this important element when playing the game of golf which results in hampering their own progress. One way or another, you will discover that while the basics are enough to play a round of golf, it won’t necessarily help you make important decisions when playing the game.

Yet for those who aren’t familiar with the basic rules of playing golf, here’s a short recap, before you move on to other specifics.

Basic Rules

1: Keeping in mind the safety of others is of paramount importance to the game of golf. This is probably the number one rule of golf, and which overrides everything else. While this might be an unspoken rule, it’s a given that people who play golf regularly are aware of it abundantly.

2: As for formal rules, the first one involves playing the same ball right from when you tee off to the hole, unless a substitution is allowed by a another rule.

3: At all time, you have to be able to identify your ball, and for this every player must mark his balls with a unique marking.

4: Another rule is to play the ball where it lies, which means no making attempts to improve the position by kicking, tossing, nudging, or moving the ball.

5: Finally, an unplayable ball offers you options such as playing from where you hit your last shot or even dropping the ball two club lengths from its current position. Of course, if you get into a situation such as this one, you’ll incur a one stroke penalty.

In Depth Rules

However, this is just the beginning, covering only how players should go about playing the game. Yet there are complex scenarios in the game of golf where the rule book is the only thing that can help you make the right decisions.

Take for example this question: Is a bridge over a water hazard an immovable obstruction and, when interfered with by the bridge, are you entitled to relief?

If you’re still baffled by what the answer should be, then it’s about time that you paid closer attention to the rules of golf and the decisions that have to be made, especially in the aforementioned situation.

Of course, if you’re not sure what the answer is, this is what the rules state: “A bridge is normally an immovable obstruction and relief is granted, unless the “Committee” has deemed the bridge to be an integral part of the course. In this case should the ball come to rest on top of the bridge, play it as it lies or take relief, with a one stroke penalty, under the unplayable lie provision.”

And since most people who are well-versed with the rules of golf explain how big the list of rules (running into 500 pages) is, it sure seems like a good idea to take your time when learning these rules as well.

Amazon carries this quick reference to the rules – Golf Rules Quick Reference Guide is the world’s best-selling golf book – multi-award winning and recommended by golf associations. The handy, plastic-coated flip guide answers every rules question at a glance, as each rules situation is illustrated (more than 170 illustrations). Check it out!

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